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Lawn, Mulch, & Snowplowing
Lawn Installation & Repairs:  

Turf Trimmers provides professional lawn installations for new or existing commercial and residential structures.

  • Proper grading is assessed
  • High quality topsoil is used
  • Premium seed or sod is available

Lawn Maintenance:

Turf Trimmers can provide you with a professional manicured lawn. Our regularly maintained equipment and knowledge of proper mowing techniques for seasonal changes are imperative for a healthy and happy lawn. Sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful outdoor living area while we do all the work for you.  

Spring Clean-up:

Because weather can be so unpredictable, spring
planning is important.  As the weather begins to
warm certain tasks become a necessity for the
flowers and leaf buds to show signs of life:

  • Prune away dead branches to make way for new growth. 
  • Cut back perennials 
  • Remove old leaf debris
  • Assess your yard and beds for needed attention

Fall Clean-Up:

Fall clean-up’s usually involve leaf removal and the cutting back of perennials (Hosta’s, Black Eye Susan’s etc). Other services for fall clean-up include:

  • Core Aeration - is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve natural soil aeration. Core aeration can help make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance by:  Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere; Enhanced soil water uptake; Improved fertilizer uptake and use; Reduced water runoff and puddling; Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance; and Enhanced thatch breakdown.
  • Over seed / Slit seed –This is best if done in early to mid September allowing the seed plenty of time to start its germination process. This process can introduce additional bluegrass into your current yard along with aiding to fill in bare areas.      

Mulch & Topsoil: 

Mulch is material placed over the soil surface to maintain moisture and improve soil conditions.  Mulching is one of the most beneficial things a homeowner can do for the health of their trees and shrubs. Mulching benefits include:

  • Creates an insulating blanket in the winter and cools the soil in the summer. 
  • Reduce water loss from the soil
  • Minimizes weed growth and improve soil composition.  
  • Inhibits certain plant diseases. 
  • Gives landscape a beautiful finished appearance
  • A variety of colors and compositions are available:

1) Premium double shredded cocoa brown mulch.  This mulch is a mixture of shredded pallet chips and bark.  Because it incorporates pallet chips and it is dyed cocoa brown, it retains it color much longer than a standard mulch. It also has a very low odor.

2) Premium Double shredded black dyed mulch.
  It’s principals are the same as the cocoa except it is black

3) Premium double shredded standard hardwood mulch.  This mulch incorporates bark, compost and other material.  It mainly enhances your soil conditions.

All Mulch is available for Pick-Up, Delivery, or Installation.

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